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Terms and Conditions

Mandala Day Spa issues gift vouchers to its customers via its website. Each voucher is an opportunity to suggest an appropriate Spa experience for the recipient of the voucher but if the recipient would prefer a different experience, the voucher can also be redeemed by the recipient for a range of other Spa treatments in the same value. If the recipient wishes to give the card to someone lese, it is also possible and Mandala Day Spa DO NOT charge any money for the modification. If the recipient wishes to choose a different and more expensive Spa experience/ treatment for what is written on the purchased voucher, it is also possible and he/she only needs to pay for the price difference between the treatments. If the recipient wishes to choose a cheaper treatment then what is written on the voucher then Mandala Day Spa DO NOT pay the price difference to the recipient. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the descriptions and pictures contained within the website and on gift vouchers are a true reflection of the Spa experince in respect of which the voucher may be redeemed, these do not form part of a contract. Once a specific date has been booked, you will automatically become bound by the terms and conditions.

1. Prices

The prices of specific Spa experiences against which gift vouchers can be redeemed which are displayed on our website are correct to the best of our knowledge and maintained on a daily basis. In the event of a voucher being issued at or redeemed against an accidental incorrect price, we will endeavour to inform the purchaser of the error within seven days of the voucher purchase / voucher redemption being made, we will allow the recipient to either obtain a full refund against the voucher or choose to pay the additional difference in price.

2. Availability

Mandala Day Spa sells vouchers which are valid for 12 months from the date of issue (unless otherwise stated) and each recipient is free to book their preferred date for their chosen experience. The experiences in respect of which vouchers may be redeemed are subject to availability. In order to avoid disappointment, we recommend that you book the experience in respect of which the voucher will be redeemed well in advance and DO NOT organise travel or accommodation until the booking has been confirmed by the Mandala Day Spa.

 3. Booking

Please do not arrive at a venue expecting to redeem your gift voucher without first obtaining a booking confirmation letter, phone call or sms for Mandala Day Spa. Mandala Day Spa will not be held liable for your costs incurred if you do not follow the procedure set out in these Terms and Conditions. The Mandala Day Spa is open on every day, between 10 am-10 pm except some Hungarian national holidays, Christmas, and the 1st of January. For more information please, contact Mandala Day Spa: reservation@mandaladayspa.hu, info@mandaladayspa.hu, +36 1 491 0078.

6. Validity

Each gift voucher is valid for a maximum of 6 months from the date of issue unless otherwise stated. A voucher will be deemed to be invalid if it is out of date (the validity date is clearly stated on the voucher). If the customer or recipient is unable to utilise the voucher before the expiry date then, the customer should send a request to the info@mandaladayspa.hu. Vouchers can be extended in 3 cases:

1. If they are still inside their expiry date, in this case it can be extended for 2 more weeks

2. If the voucher expired the whole amount will be lost.

3. In extra ordinary case the customer can provide us document of proves to marketing@mandaladayspa.hu. and we will consider it and we will make a decision of the case. 

If the activity in respect of which the voucher is to be redeemed has increased in price, the customer will also need to pay the difference in price. All vouchers are redeemed and experiences booked and taken before the expiry date on the voucher.

 7. Choosing the right Spa experience

Please read all the information provided for each Spa experience, to ensure that your initial suggested voucher is the right one for the recipient. If you are unsure of the suitability of a particular event please email us on reservation@mandaladayspa.hu or call our reception between (10.00 am-8.00 pm.) to help you to choose with your query and we will advise you accordingly.

8. Complaints

The easiest way to resolve any problems that you may experience is to speak to the manager at Mandala Day Spa the day. They will ensure that any issues are rectified. If you are still not satisfied, please send in details of your complaint (including your voucher reference number and the name of the person you spoke to on the day) to complain.mandaladayspa@gmail.com.

9. Cancellations

If you wish to cancel your appointment for your Spa experince, you can do it free of charge 24 hours prior to your reserved appointment. If you cancel afterwords or do not show up at all, you will be able to use only the half value of your voucher or you need to pay in cash the half price of the treatment written on your voucher.

13. Refunds

Once you purchased a mandala Day Spa gift voucher you can not get any refund. However, the Mandala Day Spa offer you to change the voucher to any other treatment, and to any other recipent.

14. Gift Vouchers

The gift voucher due to your requested method of delivery will be sent to you. If you request by email, then it is for free and please, find the policy at the „At-home printed vouchers”. You may request the Hungarian post to deliver it, it has an extra cost. Also there is a fast way with the courier delivery for delivery to Hungary only for an additional charge. You can also come to pick it up personally at Mandala Day Spa, between 10 am-10 pm, at 1133, Budapest, Ipoly utca 8, mandala Day Spa reception. We cannot be held liable for any loss suffered as a result of mail being delayed. The gift voucher is invalid if it has been tampered with or defaced. Mandala Day Spa accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen gift vouchers. Please keep the vouchers in a safe place and protect them as you would money. If the recipient is not in at the delivery address to receive the item then the gift voucher will be delivered back to the Mandala Day Spa, but the cost of delivery is not refundable. After that you can come to pick it up personaly at Mandala Day Spa or have it delivered one more time, for extra delivery cost.

Protect your gift voucher and treat it as cash - the balance can not be returned if lost or stolen. Mandala Day Spa is not responsible for any unauthorised use of your gift card.. Your gift card expires 12 months after purchase. The Spa treatments must be chosen or booked within this timeframe. The validity of your gift voucher can be extended if requested in advence, before the expiration date. The cost to extend the voucher is depending on the value of the voucher and for how much extra time is requested. Your gift voucher cannot be refunded. Your gift voucher is not a credit, debit or cheque guarantee card. Your gift voucher cannot be exchanged for cash and is not reloadable. 

18. At-home printed vouchers

These are non-exchangeable, non-refundable and non-extendable.

19. Data Protection

Your privacy is our highest priority - We will never disclose your personal details to a third party under any circumstances.

21. Privacy Policy

At Mandala Day Spa we value the security of your personal data, which is why we will only use your email address to send you our newsletter (if requested). Details of how to opt out appear at the bottom of every newsletter.

We will never disclose your personal details to a third party under any circumstances.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact us.

Company details of Mandala Day Spa:

Name: Spa Operator Kft (Ltd.)

Address: 1133 Budapest, Ipoly utca 8. Hungary

Tax number: 23700196-2-41