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Mandala Bath is an exclusive spiritual bath to treat luxury seekers.



This unique facility guest area spread over in 650 m2 with 4 specialized pool for different bath experiences, a spacious  Jacuzzi, Steam Cabin, Changing Rooms and relaxing area.





Dead Sea Salt Floating Pool 35 C

Enjoy a relaxing and healing floating in our Dead Sea salt pool! Mandala Bath has created a Dead Sea salt pool which contains 33 percent high concentration of salt just as the original and a wealth of minerals including magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, iodine, sodium, zinc and potassium right here in the middle of Budapest.

Water treatment Pool 34 C

Mandala Baths’ unique warm water pool has been created to offer holistic spa water experience in a luxury environment.

Warm Water Pool 38 C

By sitting at our warm pool you can step into your spiritual journey by watching a perfectly created relaxation mantra movie.

Cold plunge pool 17 C

To complete your sauna session we created a plunge cold water pool.

Jacuzzi 36 C

A soothing escape! A perfect combination of therapeutic power and luxury relaxation in our beautiful private jacuzzi.

Steam Cabin

Free your mind and your body at our Steam Cabin, a place were you can relax on a warm marble, surrounded with aromatherapy infused steam and be prepared for your coming treatments.




Mandala the Spiritual Water Experience

Mandala Bath is a place where you can step into a spiritual journey and enjoy our water treatments for your holistic rejuvenation. From the moment you enter into this sanctuary you have all the possible ways to increase your happiness level. Your inner journey begins with a precious jewel the prayer wheel. Whatever you wish for, it will come true. Buddha said, "One benefit is that the karma and disturbing thought obscurations that have been accumulated for beginningless rebirths are purified without effort."   Mandala Bath devised to address guests’ increasing desire for spiritual and authentic spa experiences.  All of your Senses will be delighted by hearing the mantras, seeing the relaxing videos and the unique lightening during sessions, feeling by soaking into a warm bath or floating at our warm dead sea salt pool, or sipping a herbal tea at our Lounge.