La Ric Luxury manicure

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La Ric Luxury manicure

60 minutes manicure:

- milk petal aroma hand bath with rose-leaves

- cuticle removal

- nail filing, shaping

- fine-grained fragrant hand peeling

- nail polish/ gel set 

- creamy hand massage


Please be note that doing gel set takes more time which will reduce time from peeling and massage.


Your wonderful manicure ritual begins at the reception desk by choosing your favorite fragrance for neck cushion, hand bath and hand peeling. Our guests can opt between ocean, rose, leader, china, green tea, exotic aroma fragrance.

Your relaxing treatment will start with enjoying pleasureful temperature of hot cushion to relax your upper back muscles. After you are perfectly relaxed you can soak your hand in to the rose petal aroma hand bath and the manicurist will remove your cuticle and shape your nails. After your nails are beautifully shaped, rejuvenating hand peeling will make your hand velvet smooth and soft.

After the peeling nail polish will be applied to your nails, and you will be pampered by creamy hand massage rich in vital nutrients. It is not only relaxing but moisturizes and makes the skin soft and delicate.

If you don’t need nail polish the manicurist will cherish you with longer peeling and hand massage.


Gel set removal (gel set was made in Mandala Day Spa): FREE

Gel set removal for guests who did their nails in other salon costs 2.600 HUF

Swarovski stone: 200 HUF/ piece

Price - 16700 HUF
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