La Ric Japanese First Class pedicure

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La Ric Japanese First Class pedicure

75 min. pedicure

-milk petal aroma feet bath with rose-leaves

-cuticle and callus removal

-nail filing, shaping

-foot peeling

-beeswax polish

-creamy foot massage rich in vital nutrients


Your wonderful pedicure ritual begins at the reception desk by choosing your favourite fragrance for neck cushion, rose petal aroma foot bath and peeling. Our guests can opt between ocean, rose, leader, china, green tea, exotic aroma fragrance.

Your relaxing treatment will start with enjoying pleasureful temperature of hot cushion to relax your upper back muscles. After you are perfectly relaxed you can soak your foot in to the rose petal aroma bath and the pedicurist will remove your cuticle and remove the extra callus on the surface of your foot. The next step will be beautifully shaping the nails and massaging rejuvenating foot peeling to make the skin fresher and silkier.  During the treatment beeswax royal jelly will cover the surface of the nail plate which makes the nail more hydrated, stronger, resistant and shiny. Furthermore, the nails are polished by buckskin.

As finishing the treatment our guest will be pampered by creamy hand massage rich in vital nutrients. It is not only relaxing but moisturizes and makes the skin soft and delicate.

Price - 23650 HUF
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